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Flash cards are often developed for each type of challenging situation and phase of treatment.They can take various forms such notes or poems, depending on the creativity of the therapist and the developmental level of the Vulnerable Child mode, and may be carefully thought-out or spontaneous gestures.

Treatment plans in schema therapy generally encompass three basic classes of techniques: cognitive, experiential, and behavioral (in addition to the basic healing components of the therapeutic relationship).

It is a summary of all the major elements and stages of the therapy process and, as such, provides an important template.

For some patients and therapists the schema diary is internalized and not used explicitly, especially at later stages in the therapy.

They are developed by the therapist or collaboratively by therapist and patient.

The statements are similar to those made by a parent to a child at the developmental age that the patient currently experiences their Vulnerable Child mode.

A schema diary is a form that the patient fills out in-between sessions that provides a guide for the patient to organize his/her experience in terms of what he/she has been learning in the therapy.

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