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If your BIOS is now corrupt you will be unable to reboot and try the BIOS flash again, not easily anyway.

If the motherboard is an older one the only way you can recover the motherboard is to get the BIOS ROM reflashed using a ROM Burner/Programmer which some Computer Stores may have (you may need to call around) or you can buy your own.

In this example, we shall use three utilities to accomplish our goals: Before we dive into the code, we need to define a folder structure for all files.

Lenovo has a few tools out there to do the job, yet throughout the years I have found that they are not necessarily well-documented.

This post gives you an outline of challenges I had to face back in the day, with an example script of automating outlined tasks on Lenovo T450 laptop.

SET required Settings=lenovo_t450_v110REM Read asset tag captured earlier into a text file SET asset Tag= SET /p asset Tag= nul REM Once BIOS has been updated a system need a reboot wpeutil reboot : BIOS_SETTINGS t: ECHO. REM Copy files onto RAM drive xcopy /y t:\srsetupwin32\* x:\ xcopy /y t:\settings_repository\%required Settings% REM Apply BIOS settings x: cd \ srsetupewin32%required Settings% /U /Q /APAP %required Password% SET srsetuperrorcode=%errorlevel% IF NOT %srsetuperrorcode%==0 GOTO SETTINGS_ERROR ECHO. You can of course make it more or less interactive than it is in the example above, but I hope it gives a good overview of potential problems and solutions involved.

Not everyone will stumble upon these challenges, as for each one of them certain conditions must be met.

In my line of work BIOS upgrade/downgrade is a topic that keeps coming back quite frequently.

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