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Among them is a large number of Greek postgraduate and postdoctorate students at local and international universities.

Besides, the possibilities for archaeologists wishing to specialize in the areas of biological and environmental anthropology, geoarchaeology and the archaeology of animals are particularly limited in Greece.

The most intriguing part of the Cathedral is located underground in the beautiful old crypt.

Beneath the arches lies the tomb of Saint Kentigern, best known by his nickname Saint Mungo.

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s Ancient Agora is busily trying to uncover the secrets of a human skeleton, taking part in an educational game under the guidance of the laboratory? Over the last dozen years the American anthropologist has played a pivotal role in transforming the lab into a welcoming space, a place open to all those interested in using its infrastructure, which includes an X-ray machine, microscopes, a broad and comparative collection of both animal and human remains, along with a scientific library, which is unique for Greek standards.

The research conducted by Maria Liston, a professor at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, is heading in this direction.

In collaboration with Susan Rotroff of the Washington University in St Louis and the Smithsonian Institution? Another possibility may well be that some of the premature baby deaths where the result of miscarriage or abortion, though, for the time being at least, the cause of death cannot be determined.

This saint converted part of Scotland to Christianity in the 6th century.

He is also the patron saint of Glasgow and that is why the symbols of Saint Mungo – a bird, a tree, a bell and a fish with a ring – are found in the city's coat of arms.

Another impressive feature is the massive stone choir, depicting illustrations of the 7 sins.

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