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The service is paid for through a 0,000 three-year grant from the California Wellness Foundation, which also funds a phone hotline where people can anonymously speak to health educators.

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and it’s a two-way street: You also need to respect your partner’s boundaries.The report given to Thomashow concluded: "we cannot find that the conduct was of a sexual nature." But it said her claim was "helpful in that it allows us to examine certain practices" at Michigan State University.A different, more detailed conclusion was sent to Nassar and his boss at Michigan State.Unknown to Thomashow, the report found "significant problems that the practice will want to address." Those problems included "exposing patients to unnecessary trauma based on the possibility of perceived inappropriate sexual misconduct," and "the failure to obtain consent." The report also recommended a chaperone during a "sensitive procedure." "Larry Nassar was cleared to practice again under new guidelines that weren't actually enforced," said Thomashow.A 2017 Michigan State University police investigation stated at least 12 assaults were reported after Nassar was cleared in 2014.It’s where anyone can anonymously ask about their sexual health, from questions about pregnancy and disease to birth control and where to go for a checkup. The health educators don’t offer their opinions; so for example, they wouldn’t tell you which type of birth control they prefer.

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