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Jan: Some time ago I told all of my online contacts that "I don't text-chat anymore ! It is just amazing how much time one spends sometimes, trying to communicate in a proper way on one of the many online text-chat applications. This possibility gives people who stutter an opportunity to do exactly that, what they always have been trying to run away from, and that's using one's voice as means of communication.It is a well known fact that people who stutter only talk a fraction of the amount of time non stutterers talk every day.The infographic above succinctly sums up today’s announcement, which includes the much-anticipated integration with Skype for video calling and group chat.“Today marks the beginning of what we call ‘launching season,'” Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg said in his opening remarks at the press conference.He confirmed that the social network has surpassed 750 million monthly active users. Facebook’s overall growth is moving at an exponential pace, he said.Users share several billion items a day on the site, and people are sharing online content twice as much today as they did a year ago, and that has been the growth rate for the last several years.The demonstration of Facebook’s video calling makes it look simple; a call button appears on profile pages and in chat panels.It takes about 30 seconds to fire up the initial connection and then the conversation becomes real time.Apparently, half of Skype’s traffic involves video calls, says the telephony company’s Chief Executive Officer Tony Bates; he anticipates that he’ll be able to launch paid services in the future based on the expansion possibilities that Facebook can offer.

Today Facebook introduced several updates to messages: video calling, group chat, and a new chat design.

There are also closed circuit chat-applications like Ventrilo.

Gina and I plan to host some chats on Skype during the period of the online conference.

You can initiate a Facebook video call right from the Chat box or you can click on your friend’s Profile and if they are online, a “Call” button will appear at the top right of their Profile page.

If your friend does not answer, you can leave them a video message.

Skype’s Vice President and General Manager for Consumer, Neil Stevens, succinctly sums up where you need to go to get in on the new products, in a post on the company’s blog: To get started connecting face-to-face using Facebook video calling, powered by Skype, it’s quick and easy.

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