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In January 2007, an "exchange community" for persons who stutter was created on Mixxer, ( a free educational community originally designed for language learners and teachers to find a language partner for language exchange.

Although there are only a few who stutter who have signed up, Mixxer provides the potential for stutterers to connect through Skype with others who stutter in their own language.

And whether or not you have ever had any speech problem, there is no way you will ever be able to improve your speech without dramatically increasing your amount of time talking.... Reasons can be found in the many negative experiences one has gathered over the years talking to other people, all the strange looks, the laughs, the wonders, the 'talk of the day' at your work, the embarrassment, the humiliation....

If your friend does not answer, you can leave them a video message.To be able to join in, you'll have to add my skype ID, which is jan_sobie, to your list, and write a note in the invitation window, just so I know who's who.Judy: Although audio/video conferencing should not take the place of in-person contacts that are typically an integral part of speech therapy, support group meetings, and every-day social contacts for people who stutter, checking through the archives of [email protected], it quickly becomes apparent that the consumer community of people who stutter have been exploring the potential of audio and video conferencing for face-to-face chats for some time.Using an online chat programme is relatively easy, even for people who aren't very computer literate.For the purposes of this online conference, we're going to encourage you to use Skype.Because after all, the person you are talking to stutters, too, knows exactly what it is, won't laugh, and hopefully won't complete your words, so there's nothing to fear or lose here. You might remember how utterly confronting this might have been, and probably still is. After all, it's not such an easy thing, talking to a complete stranger or several of those... There's plenty of opportunities for public voice-chat, if you're up to the challenge.

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