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This chat was an informative review of an exciting competitive activity that everyone can enjoy with their dog.

Read Teressa's article about weight pulling with exciting action photos on Working Dogs Cyberzine.

After treating him w antibiotics and eye drops his eye improved but not by much however he resumed his normal eating and social behavior and exhibited no sign that he was in pain.

I was working on coming home the money to perform an ultrasound and determine of maybe there was a tumor causing the problem. I found my two years old cat dead drooling and he was peed.

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I would like the cat to be a real individuality with her unique personality, exotic cat can be extravagant and I'd like her to be playfull, but nossessarilly 24/7 attention needed.

Well I came home from work tonight to find him dead in a pile of brown puke. He was fine all day, he was playing and eating normally.

I am just looking for any insight into what may have caused this and if it was an issue that he had always had. I read this article from catspurfection com but didn't make decision how to stop it. He seem very healthy, I need to know what happened to him.

DEMYSTIFYING THE GERMAN PEDIGREE - Ever wondered what all those foreign words on your dog's German pedigree or Breed Survey really meant?

Frustrated with the nonsensical translations provided by the online "translation engines"?

Anka Andrews, principal of Eclectic Translations, was our guest in the Working Dogs Forum on March 23.

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