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I’m calling him out publicly, and I want him to stop trying to rape my culture. It’s the perfect example of what they always do to us.They try to offer some paper bag of money, or whatever it is, whatever selfish agenda which is the test, and then have us divide, so they can benefit and take the fight off of them.”(Dash was dating the singer Aaliyah at the time she died in a plane crash in 2001 at the age of 22, and had stated that they had planned to marry.From building on the success of the You Tube Music app, to shining a light on emerging artists, I believe our potential to strengthen the industry is massive.And third, I hope that together we can move towards a more collaborative relationship between the music industry and the technologies that are shaping the future of the business.”Lyor Cohen will transition out of his role at 300 Entertainment by December sources say.Cohen's hour-long talk was heavy on nostalgia and autobiography, touching on everything from his days helping build Def Jam Recordings in the Eighties, to heading Warner Music Group, and his current role as Global Head of Music at You Tube and Google.With the help of Boogie Down Productions' DJ D-Nice, who spun snippets of songs from artists Cohen signed over the years, the 58-year-old argued that the music business is in the midst of a new "golden age," welcoming the return of an entrepreneurial spirit he felt was lost in the salad days of the Nineties."I never saw him aggressive or violent with any women.

Cohen became president of Def Jam/ RAL in 1988, at which point Rubin quit the company.

Here are six things we took away from the speech.1. The theme that Cohen returned to over and over was the need to embrace change.

"I love change, I'm open to change, I'm psyched for change," he said early in the talk, describing his 37-year career as being full of "winding zig-zags." While some of his peers were burned out by the unpredictability, Cohen insisted that even his biggest letdowns – like going " million in the red" with Def Jam and being ousted from WMG in a self-described boardroom coup – turned out to be blessings in disguise.

In a statement to Youtube’s music team, Cohen reportedly laid down three plans of change for his new position, including the following:“First, helping the music community embrace the technological shifts we’re seeing in music today so we can help take the confusion and distrust out of the equation.

Second, building on the great work you all have done to help the music industry and creative community break new songs and artists to You Tube’s audience of over 1 billion fans.

VC observes, however, that the cover for the album on which the track is included, somewhat ironically features Ice Cube rendering the tired old one-eye pose. This turns out to be an influential Zionist institution that was trying to establish a Jewish state in Palestine decades before World War 2.

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