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Division: Middleweight Record: 18-6Promotion: Bellator He's the total package of intimidation—the iron cross tattoo, the bald head with the d-baggy landing strip goatee, the unbridled aggression.It's easy to picture him sweating bullets and gritting his teeth at all hours of the day.The College Football Guys have recounted this weekend's biggest lessons learned, like the fact that Texas A&M isn't the only team with a 12th man (just ask LSU and its tackle-happy ref friend), Virginia Tech can't beat Boston College on the road (just check the history books) and Washington State might be the worst team in football (ever).Most college students are more than content to live their lives in semi-anonymity, only entering the public consciousness when a particularly racy or amusing My Space picture surfaces on a blog.

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However, he lost by knockout in less than 30 seconds, and has since lost four straight and no longer appears on the Bellator website's roster even as he fights for CFA.Either way, Geronimo is a downright terrifying figure.Far more so than the UFC heavyweight who shares his surname and is far more famous.Others, like Ivy Gate blogger Lena Chen, alleged Sarah Palin G-mail-hacker David Kernell and virginity auctioneer Natalie Dylan, however, have rocketed into the spotlight.Uncoached, for one, regrets that these kids and these stories will soon lose their relevance, and so has gone out of the way to predict the future for the top five scandalous college co-eds.Suffice it to say, he's not smiling in any of them.

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