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This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to free online dating games.

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This is the final installment to my sim date series, dirge to the endless thing....

And probably the one I have most mixed feelings about....

well let's just set her dreams on fire." (something I can very much relate to =.= ) but despite all that she manages to warm up as sheremembers her past but still has the strength to move forward in life and's beautiful......sorry, I'm done now.

hello there,it took me quite some time to reach the true ending i didnt get to see whites and after sou killed duke i went to the room and got a little scared on what would happen to me but i found the true ending and i swear i cried fo over 30 minutes on how cute it was i do hope you can make a number two probs the revenge of white and duke and blue haired boy but if you dont i think im satisfied with this ending thank you for a wonderful game,your friend,trinity *Sighs contentedly* After playing Saccharine, this true ending was a balm on my aching heart and made me so fucking happy.

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And to tell all the truth, I’ve created account only to leave this comment.

You did this wonderful creation 2 years ago, so I’m pretty much a weirdo, but I had to say this. Deep, not just silly and sweetie, and very beautiful. I played this game on New Grounds and I'm honestly addicted to it!

I replayed this thing like 20 times to try and root out all the bugs, but there are probably still a couple that are undetected.

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