Novell groupwise webaccess not updating


It is VERY important that customers understand that while the tool will fix most appointments, some end user intervention will still be required.

For full details please review the tool and included documentation available at :

Section 3 below provides steps to adjust different scheduled events.4.

Advise users to reset their Work Schedule Start and End time values if the DST Adjustor Tool is not used.

Calendaring applications, including Group Wise, rely on these definitions to correctly calculate and store appointment times. End users Microsoft has announced a comprehensive time zone update scheduled for November of 2006. The timing of this update is likely to occur after the new DST end date (the 1Sunday in November which is November 5, 2006).

Section 4 below provides the manual steps to complete this item if the tool is not used.

These steps should only be applied after the workstation(s) have been updated.

Novell has released the Group Wise DST Adjustor 2007 tool to help administrators handle the DST change.

Many Canadian provinces that share or border these time zones have also announced plans to adopt this change. The other Group Wise agents (POA, MTA) DO NOT need to be updated unless they are on the same server as the updated GWIA and/or Webaccess because they share some of the same files (See the update documentation for more details).

Daylight Saving Time - DST transition rules are part of time zone definitions maintained by server and workstation operating systems. The updates are available at the following locations: It is not necessary to update Group Wise clients.

The tool can be run in a variety of ways and is fully explained in the documentation accompanying the tool.

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