Oval office intimidating


The alluringly soft, innocent, white-shimmering clouds began to nervously part, inviting the mighty thrust of the solid jet between them.

The moisture from them hung loosely in the air, like vapour from an E-cigarette after an obnoxiously large puff.

All eyes of the world were on her now, and she’d never felt more alive.She shivered and looked her president in the eye as he started to unscrew the bottle, their gazes locked intensely like a burning rod of fire, branding one another with their loyalty and devotion to each others’ bodies.Trunk unscrewed the lid, threw his head back and swallowed a little blue pill.He reached into his pocket and took out a label-less medicine bottle.Her eyes gazed over the bottle as she bit her lip, feeling a small tremble going down her body from the bottom of her neck to the base of her spine.” said Monica , her eyes fixed on the droplets hitting the window. It’s a cheap gimmick that everyone has bought into.

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