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In 1961, the year before the centenary of the Police Force, the number of members of the force increased to 5717, which rose to a total strength of 15,354 in November 2008.

After the formation of the New South Wales Police Force in 1862, most crimes were conducted by bushrangers, particularly during the Victorian gold rush years.

The New South Wales Police Force (NSW Police Force; previously the New South Wales Police Service and New South Wales Police) is the primary law enforcement agency of the state of New South Wales, Australia.

Like all other states of Australia, municipalities and shires in NSW have only very limited law enforcement responsibilities.

The police perform the primary law enforcement role in all areas of the state.

The New South Wales Police Force has existed in various forms since the foundation of the colony of New South Wales at Sydney in 1788.

By 1872, there were seventy police stations throughout the colony in sub-districts, with a total of 803 police officers.

In 1915, the first female police officers were appointed.

Divided into seventy six local area commands (LAC), Under the Police Regulation Act, 1862 (NSW), the organisation of the NSW Police Force was formally established in 1862 with the unification of all existing independent police units in the state.

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