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With so many different PUA’s, products and live events out there it’s extremely hard to tell who is actually genuine and what works.This is why PUA Ratings was started, we felt as though there wasn’t an honest and upfront resource for helping guys just like you decide on what would work best for them and help them genuinely improve their game.It’s completely understandable to be skeptical and to be wary, but check out our PUA bootcamp reviews to relieve all doubt.

By Paul Janka Paul Janka has come up through the ranks extremely fast and in 2011 he blew up…I’m feeling my “Traveler’s Confidence” coming back because I’m graduating in 3 months, most likely, I won’t see these people again!Going to a party tonight after class, gonna get my sarge on and have an AWESOME time. My expectation was to get a basic framework to work on and to abolish my approach anxiety. And by empty I mean…imagine a father-figure here one day gone the next.There are people who can teach themselves the piano.There are plenty of books and online resources to help you get started, and you can always just practice until you get good.I took her hands, by her wrist, so she couldn’t let go, and wrapped it around my neck.

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