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Run that script in your project folder, alongside the Python packages you have developed.Invoke that script to produce eggs, upload to Py PI, and automatically include all packages in the directory where the lives.They are simply downloaded to the ./directory if they’re not locally available already.If you want them to be installed, as well as being available when the setup script is run, you should add them to may be distributed separately.

Once installation is complete, you will find an For more advanced installation options, such as installing to custom locations or prefixes, download and extract the source tarball from Setuptools on Py PI and run with any supported distutils and Setuptools options.The recommended way to install setuptools on Windows is to download ez_and run it.The script will download the appropriate file and install it for you.A dictionary mapping entry point group names to strings or lists of strings defining the entry points.Entry points are used to support dynamic discovery of services or plugins provided by a project.See Dynamic Discovery of Services and Plugins for details and examples of the format of this argument.

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