Retailers single solenoid dating paintball


Electronic markers operate on battery-powered circuit boards that activate solenoids, which are coils of wire that carry an electrical current.When activated, they are what cause electronic markers to fire.Companies like Empire, BT, Azodin and Tippmann, provide simple and reliable entry-level markers that will serve a beginning player very well.A number of inexpensive markers are upgradeable with higher-quality parts such as new barrels and boards so the marker can grow with the player's skill level.Mechanical markers do not fire with the same speed or consistency of an electronic marker because the amount of compressed gas used to propel the paintball can vary between each shot.

The majority of these markers use compressed air as opposed to carbon dioxide (CO2) which allows for a smoother, more consistent shot.Also, these markers are battery operated which means that players will need to carry extra batteries to mitigate any power issues at the field.For those just starting out in paintball, entry-level paintball markers and marker packages also known as player packs are an excellent place to start.They are easy to put together and disassemble due to their modular design, and most parts are easily replaceable if defective.Maintenance tends to be a major sticking point with most beginner players.Marker packages will include all the basic necessities, including the marker, air tank, goggles, and a hopper for storing and loading the paintballs.

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