Sav server not updating


Edit the hosts file: If don’t have a certificate you can grab one for free at Let’s Encrypt.

Of if you want to use a self-signed SSL cert instead, skip this part and continue at Self-Signed SSL below.

We set the bot name, password, room to join, and scripts to run.

After the downloads are extracted, the total combined installation is around 800 MB, so this initial downloading may take it awhile.

Install the private key (created when you generated the CSR): Open the private key and Copy the entire private key text-block from the file that was generated when you created the CSR.

Right click on the terminal window and select paste to paste it into nano.

First, make sure UFW (Uncomplicated Fire Wall) is installed.

It should be installed by default in Ubuntu, but if it’s not, you can install the package using apt-get.

NOTE: You may see only one, or none at all if the downloads are still in progress. Eventually, it should look similar to our sample screenshot. Provided that your DNS is properly configured, you should be able to simply type your chatroom URL into the browser and open it up. See Section 10: Troubleshooting Once you’ve successfully reached your chat room login page, you need to register your admin account.

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