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Anyone who believes they have been defrauded can talk in confidence to the police or report it to Action Fraud.'George Kidd, Chief Executive of the Online Dating Association (ODA), said: 'This heartless behaviour defrauds people but can also rob them of their confidence and dignity.

Internet fraud is a scourge that every sector has to fight.

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Once new or revised merit badge requirements appear in this publication, which is released each January, any Scout just beginning work on a merit badge must use the requirements as stated there.

Conflict Transformation Training and Sensitization We seek to build peace among the people we serve in our various project in West Pokot county by utilizing various opportunities to speak about conflict transformation and how people in conflict can work to positively utilize occurrences of conflict and violence to detect and deal with issues of injustice that are the root causes of conflict situations and violence.

We do this with the hope that this will nurture a value for and existence of peace, among the people that we work with.

'We want people to have fun and make friendships in safety.

All ODA members work to keep scammers off sites, using technology and know-how.

The victim doubted the authenticity of Anderson's stories on numerous occasions but every time she asked for proof he sent false documentation or made up excuses for why he could not send her evidence. At Ojo's home, they found a laptop containing records of the victim's conversation with Anderson, a memento book seemingly sent to Anderson by another victim and a copy of the book The Game.'Many victims borrow money from friends and family to pay the suspects.

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