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And she counted such female stars as Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Barbara Stanwyck, and, later, Marilyn Monroe among her lesbian lovers.

Crawford, a flagrantly promiscuous bisexual, was infatuated with Davis, but had her overtures rebuffed by the firmly heterosexual Bette.

In Mildred Pierce, her first major picture for the studio, Crawford upstaged Davis by winning a Best Actress Oscar, and was signed by Warner Bros to a seven-year contract at 0,000 a film. Having watched helplessly as Crawford stole the love of her life, she was now forced to look on as her rival made a determined assault on her Hollywood crown.

None of this stopped Crawford making more overtures to Davis, all of which were rebuffed by Davis.

'She did it coldly, deliberately, and with complete ruthlessness.

Within a few days of commencing work on Dangerous, it became obvious to everyone on the set that Davis was deeply attracted to Tone.'If the truth be known,' she admitted years later, 'I fell in love with Franchot, professionally and privately.In 1968, the feud erupted again when Davis learned that Tone, the love of her life, and a chronic chain smoker, was dying from lung cancer.Crawford took her ex-husband into her nine-room New York apartment, and nursed him until his death, even supervising the scattering of his ashes.'The poor bastard was dying, but still that bitch wouldn't let him go! 'She had to monopolise him, even in death.'Davis won a second Academy Award for Jezebel in 1938, making her the No.1 box office star at Warner Bros.Theirs was the longest, most ferocious, and most unrelenting feud in Hollywood history.Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, both Oscar-winning stars, hated each other with an all-consuming passion for 42 years, although both denied it publicly and in interviews.But the mid-Forties were to bring a downswing in her popularity, threatening her position as queen of the studio.

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