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But as Davis revealed to me during her last visit to London, two years before her death in 1989, the real and festering cause of their mutual hatred was a man. Britain's own Oscar-winning Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Hollywood's Olivia de Havilland — the sole survivor of the saga today, who is still alive in Paris at the age of 100.A man with whom Davis fell desperately in love, but who, in her eyes, was stolen from her by Crawford, who married him, divorced him four years later, and then, 30 years later still, when he was dying from lung cancer, took back into her home and nursed him until his death. Starring two Oscar-winning actresses — Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis and Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford — the series premieres in the U. Feud is set in 1962, the year in which Davis and Crawford made their only film together, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?In 1935, when the feud began, Davis was 27 and had just been cast by her studio, Warner Bros, in Dangerous, the film that was to win her the first of her Best Actress Oscars.

Crawford, a flagrantly promiscuous bisexual, was infatuated with Davis, but had her overtures rebuffed by the firmly heterosexual Bette.Theirs was the longest, most ferocious, and most unrelenting feud in Hollywood history.Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, both Oscar-winning stars, hated each other with an all-consuming passion for 42 years, although both denied it publicly and in interviews.Hush, Sweet Charlotte, their escalating hatred defeated him.A vengeful Davis assembled the cast and crew, minus Crawford, for photographs in which they all ostentatiously drank Coca-Cola, Pepsi's rival.But Crawford's seduction of Tone had not diminished her wish to add Davis to her list of conquests.'Franchot isn't interested in Bette,' she said, 'but I wouldn't mind giving her a poke if I was in the right mood.'When Crawford first entertained Tone at her Hollywood home, he found her in the solarium, tanned from head to foot, and stark naked.

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