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I too hope for a smaller, less powerful federal government - One, perhaps, that does only that which it is its constitutional duty to do.

Regardless, the fact remains that politically there is very little wiggle room available to the President right now.

How to un-knot your panties about the Bush Budget...

Many of the big hitters in the blogosphere are experience some bouts of hand wringing over the size of the budget President Bush has sent to Congress.

3) The Media will be more than happy to repeat this nonsense 1000 times a day because they believe it.

Nobody is going to be able to make a federalist argument while out economy is near stagnant and we face multiple incoming wars.

Reducing the size of government right now is not possible.

“Japanese schools teach only knowledge — not how to be a good human being,” says one Muslim father.

While the claim that Japan is the only country in the world that has a negligible number of embassies in Islamic countries hinges on the definition of “negligible,” the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains embassies in several predominantly Islamic countries, including Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Comoros, and Egypt.

Several of the other rumors in the meme can be debunked by the facts previously stated, using common sense (e.g., with approximately 100,000 Muslims living in Japan it is reasonable to assume that some of them are renting apartments), or by reading the 14th article of Japan’s constitution: The one claim that the above-displayed meme did get right is the assertion that there is no Shariah Law in Japan.

Neither foreign residents nor ethnic Japanese are ever asked about their religion by official government agencies.

While it is conceivable that this policy may change in the future due to official concerns about international terrorism, there has yet to be any public indication of such an effort.

He himself began studying Arabic at age 5 at a mosque school in Sir Lanka.

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