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This means in total you are paying around 1000r, making this one of, if not the most expensive options in town.The good news is that you probably will find the hottest girls here.Of course there are many things that will be hard as there are any time you are in a new massive city.If you count all of the suburbs here there are over 20 million people.These are just different words for brothels, and you can have sex at all of them.Many of the massage parlors in town could fall under the brothel label as well.

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If you read around on various mongering message boards or trip reports about guys finding girls here you might come across things like boates or prives in Sao Paulo.You also must pay 200r for the room, and the hookers working here will be asking for far more than most places.The price you pay the girls is negotiable, but the average seems to be somewhere around 600r for an hour.The room is 70r and the girls will generally want between 250r and 500r for the hour.So lets just call this one 500r in total, which is still a lot more expensive than most places, but you get a huge selection of sexy girls to choose from.You could also check out Cafe Photo, Bomboa 222, or Cafe Millenium.

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