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Britain also agreed to pay £1,000,000 to Sweden to resolve a claim to the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe (see Guadeloupe Fund).The British and the Dutch agreed to spend £2,000,000 each on improving the defences of the Low Countries.In the past the Netherlands was a staunch supporter of British entry into the European community.Apart from feeling sympathy for the British people, this was motivated by our common value and interests, such as long-standing and deeply-rooted democratic tradition, the Atlantic outlook, the free market orientation and two large multi-nationals, Shell and Unilever, with a common Dutch-British origin.During World War II the United Kingdom and the Netherlands were close allies.After the German occupation of the Netherlands, Queen Wilhelmina and the Dutch government found refuge in Britain.The United Kingdom and the Netherlands are both countries that are run under a constitutional monarchy.

The Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824, also known as the Treaty of London (one of several), was signed between the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in London in March 1824.

In July 1940, two all-Dutch squadrons were formed with Royal Netherlands Navy personnel and Fokker seaplanes from the Dutch naval air service: 320 Squadron and 321 Squadron (which afterwards moved to Sri Lanka).

In 1943, an all-Dutch fighter squadron was formed in the UK, 322 Squadron.

The Dutch also ceded the district of Barnagore, situated close to Calcutta, in exchange for an annual fee.

The treaty noted a declaration of 15 June 1814, by the Dutch that ships for the slave trade were no longer permitted in British ports and it agreed that this restriction would be extended to a ban on involvement in the slave trade by Dutch citizens.

The treaty sought to resolve disputes arising from the execution of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1814.

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