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Ritzer's alleged killer is a 14-year-old student Chism left a folded piece of paper with the words 'I hate you all' next to the corpse of Colleen Ritzer after he slit her throat in a bathroom and left her body in a 'sexually staged' position at Danvers High School in Massachusetts, according to court court papers.

The documents also describe how Chism's parents were going through a difficult divorce and the student had become visibly upset at Miss Ritzer after she asked him to stay behind after class on the day of the killing, according to the Boston Herald.

She told police that she assumed someone was changing in the bathroom.'Since the moment Ms Ritzer’s body was discovered, a dedicated and professional team of state police detectives assigned to my office, Danvers Police officers, crime scene forensic experts and assistant district attorneys have worked tirelessly to compile and present the evidence to the Grand Jury.

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The vision of the Coordinated Family Community Engagement (CFCE) Council is for the youth and families of Lynn to live in a nurturing community that respects the unique situation of each child and family.

This is accomplished by tailoring services to meet their diverse needs through a seamless system of supports including public, private, community, health and faith-based programs.

Welcome To The City of Lynn's Community Service Guide The integration and coordination of the delivery of early education and social services to the children and families of Lynn is one of the City’s highest priorities.

Her body was found on her back in a 'sexual position' with the three-foot branch inside her on October 22.

The family of Colleen Ritzer issued a statement against a new ruling in Massachusetts which will give teens serving life sentences the eligibility to apply for parole.

(Clients must be referred through social service agency or religious organization.) Open to all, any low income-male, female, adults, children, family, elderly, disabled, immigrants etc. Open to residents of Lynn, Salem, and Beverly, including refugees, low-income, citizenship services, health educational programs, summer youth programs, case advocacy and referral, social support services for refugees.

RAFT provides flexible financial assistance designed to meet each family’s particular needs.

He raped her, slit her throat with the box cutter, wheeled her body outside in a large recycling bin and dumped it in the woods behind the school.

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