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On 9 December temperatures recovered across much of the UK, causing a partial thaw.

Later, on Thursday 16 December a cold front reintroduced a cold, arctic airstream.

Snow depths elsewhere were between 5 cm–30 cm widely.

Temperatures fell widely below −10 °C with some areas staying sub-zero by day.

This cold spell brought further snow and ice chaos back to the British Isles with Southern England, Wales, the Republic of Ireland (excluding the westerly coastal regions) and Northern Ireland bearing the brunt of the wintry conditions.

This led to severe disruption to the road and rail network with several airports being closed including London Heathrow Airport for a time.

Forecasters warned of the potential for severe winter weather from weeks in advance and the Government stated that they were prepared for winter weather after the previous British winter of 2009–2010 caused havoc and widespread disruption.There was some snowfall in early January, and there was an anticyclonic spell at the end of the month that brought some cold, frosty days.February was above average in temperature and ended on a mild note, although the snow returned in much of Scotland during March.Thousands of motorists across Sheffield became stranded on 1–7 December as up to as much as 2 feet of snow fell on the city with severe disruption across the county of South Yorkshire including the suspension of all bus services for 24 hours.Eurostar rail services to the continent were cancelled on 20 December causing severe delays with queues at St Pancras station stretching more than half a mile as far back as the British Library. services were cancelled on the East Coast main line between London and Peterborough due to damage to overhead power cables caused by accretion of ice.Also it was the second-coldest December in the narrower Central England Temperature (CET) record series which began in 1659, falling 0.1 °C short of the all-time record set in 1890.

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