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Soon after, they started hooking up at local motels.

Before long, they were throwing caution to the wind.

"They were still sneaking around and doing things they weren't supposed to," Braun said.

In February of 2013, Huckeby told Oakwood that he and Marchese were engaged in a "serious, sexual relationship." He begged the director to help him stop it.

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He made similar statements about his desire to kill Marchese in a telephone interview with FOX6 News from Winnebago. Despite our best efforts to prevent inappropriate behaviors, employees may act counter to our standards.

He spoke on a patient phone inside Winnebago Mental Health Institute, where his now ex-wife, Tracy Ptak, says he's been committed for weeks. When Huckeby first start started therapy with Marchese, he told her all about his lifelong battle with mental illness, from bipolar disorder to PTSD. And, as any good therapist would, Marchese listened.

"It's a very intimate relationship," said Stephen Saunders, who is director of graduate studies in the Department of Psychology at Marquette University.

"What she was doing was wrong, "Braun told the judge.

"Wasn't just wrong, it's illegal." With a wavering voice and tears in her eyes, Marchese spoke at sentencing.

To say that Kristin Marchese failed to respect professional boundaries with a patient is indisputable.

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