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See, despite what he might have told them otherwise, they should have known, for God’s sake, that he wasn’t going to apply himself!

That he wasn’t going to work at being a professional quarterback!

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Anyone nostalgic for the days of steam should know that fueling the steamboat kept a team of 12 woodcutters constantly busy: it took them two days to cut enough wood to keep the boat operating for just one day.It applies, I tell them, to a girlfriend, or a parent, or a boss, or a teammate, or a teacher. You don’t break into the starting lineup, I’d say, by showing up late to practice. My daughter, Vicky, majored in economics, and she was recently asked to teach a lesson on economics to a group of third graders. I told her what he said, and I reminded her of the days of, “I’ll trade you a butterscotch krimpet* for half your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” Actually, nowadays (if they’re fortunate enough to have someone pack a lunch for them) it’s probably “I’ll trade you a handful of trail mix for your kale salad.” (Provided the school hasn’t already outlawed the swapping of food.) * A Philly treat, made by the makers of Tasty Kake.You’re not going to be in the plans if you refuse to come to summer conditioning. In economic terms, we’re talking about a form of barter. Now what the hell do third graders know about a supply curve? *********** I had a friend named Norm Maves, now retired after years of writing for the Portland Oregonian, who came to talk to one of my high school writing classes, and he mentioned that if you were to think of a piece of writing as a building, spelling, punctuation and grammar were the nails and screws and nuts and bolts that held your structure together.At roughly the same time, the elementary school principal asked me if I would help judge their annual writing competition.Somehow, she mentioned that spelling, punctuation and grammar were not to be considered in the judging, because they “didn’t stress that.” Telling her that from my point of view, that was the only thing they should be stressing, I declined. The feel-good teaching continues to this day: “Just get them to put it down on paper.They should have known that he wasn’t going to be spending his time in the offices looking at film when he could be out partying. *********** The city of Vancouver, Washington, which adjoins my town, Camas, was actually named before its much bigger and better-known counterpart in British Columbia.

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