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The brutal behavior of the Spanish has a devastating effect on the tribes of the southeast; perhaps coincidently, Mississippian culture enters a rapid decline.c.

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Eligibility for 4-H membership begins when a child is of the current year (Cloverbuds).

Membership begins when an eligible individual is enrolled in a club or group that is under the direction of a trained adult who has completed the Ohio State Unversity Extension volunteer selection process, and that is within the scope of Ohio State University Extension.

You can participate in 4-H in many ways - through clubs, camps, your school, and short term programs offered through your county office.

You must be enrolled in the 4-H or FFA projects by April 2, 2018.

The Iroquois Confederacy, the League of the Five Nations, is founded by Deganawidah and Hiawatha. 1600 - The name "Hurons" is given to the Wyandots of the Huron Confederacy by the French.

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