Sex pic swap

The answer is – drum roll, please – not much, really.

It isn’t ridiculously bad, but it isn’t perfect either, and the faces still wobble and warp in a strange way so long as you’re on video.

The self-destructing-photo app biz is looking for about 0m, and hopes the prince – a member of Saudi Arabia's ruling royal family – can chip in a few million.

Bosses at selfie-swapping upstart Snapchat spent the weekend in Saudi Arabia seeking investment from the Warren Buffett of the Middle East: Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.The woman ended by saying that she ‘didn’t get a Ferarri or a Louis Vuitton bag’ like people might imagine, but that she ‘had a nice time’ and got the money she wanted and needed.We previously brought you the story of a 24-year-old woman who's travelled on luxury five-star holidays to Las Vegas, Paris, Madrid and Cyprus for free - with men she met on a website called Miss Travel.You can’t ask a man to pay for your college just with some nice dinners and romantic dates!” “He is the one who helped me take the first step into the sugar bowl, taught me the basic rules of sugar relationship, and let me see the possibilities of myself,”she typed.“On the agenda of discussions was future potential business cooperation between KHC and Snap Chat in the technology field.

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