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As a vocalist or dancer, Tsai's talents seem modest." Since the release of her debut album, 1019 (1999), which foreshadowed several trends in her later works, Tsai has spent her early years in a mix of bouncy teen pop songs and piano-driven ballads that mainly appealed to teenagers.

Since then, Tsai began as a dance-pop diva, in an era that did not have any such Chinese singers to speak of, and she started to have a huge role in popularizing dance-pop as mainstream music in Greater China.

In 2010, Forbes China began reporting on earnings of Chinese celebrities born in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and abroad.

In September 2003, Tsai helped American singer Madonna translate her children's book, titled The English Roses, into traditional Chinese, as well as successively translated five other Madonna's books since then.Chinese Valentines fall on the 7th of the 7th month, which is .Recently, she added 2 more nights to her November concert and her fans went ahead and bought 220,000 tickets as an advanced birthday present for her.Her former agent also gave her an advanced birthday present: a skeletal music player.; born September 15, 1980) is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and businesswoman.The album is considered among her most adventurous, with almost all tracks are dance songs, which had never previously attempted by any Chinese singer.

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