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It's not just about what to say, it's about knowing when to say it.

And just because a certain expression is polite in English, doesn't mean the Italian translation will be appropriate – or even makes sense!

With virtually all the functionality of the full site, the Rocket Languages app will let you listen to the audio lessons, learn the vocab, take some tests, earn some points and badges, and really get your language learning going when you just have to be away from your computer.

And everything you do using the app is happening in your actual member’s area, it’s seamless.

He then shoots at the motorbike ahead of him, nearly hitting the riders several times.

We've also broken Italian grammar down into easy-to-manage parts, so you can practice each part individually and then put it all together.

It seems as though he hits the drivers as the motorbike can be seen skidding and toppling over and the riders fall onto the motorway.

In what feels like a scene in a movie, the cyclist chases one of the men who tries to make a run for it.

Learn to talk about what HAS happened, what HAD happened, what WILL HAVE happened, and what WOULD HAVE happened...

Get tips on how and when to give formal and indirect commands, use the subjunctive and indicative mood, and the passive voice...

Multicoloured explosions can be seen landing just ahead of his targets.

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