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Mc Intosh says he developed the JIB for the CIA, but credited two Hollywood costumes specialists, Les Smith and John Chambers, with the original idea.

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Keep up with this story and more Mc Intosh first needed to get his hands on a sex doll.The other CIA man made it to his meeting with Tolkachev.“The completion of Jack was likely one of the high points of my two-year stint as chief of disguise,” says Mc Intosh, who went on to assignments in Southeast Asia, including as chief of Vietnam operations.Jack became so commonplace in the CIA that in 1985, one disaffected former employee, Edward Lee Howard, rigged up his own version to elude FBI surveillance and defected to the Soviet Union. The contemporary world of ubiquitous electronic surveillance—not just traffic and shopping mall cameras, but email tracking, real-time GPS locating, and digital retina scans and fingerprinting at airports—have pretty much relegated the JIB, wigs and latex facial implants to the CIA’s attic.But the CIA’s connections to Smith, the proprietor of Owen Magic Supreme in Azusa, California, a specialty equipment store near Los Angeles, has never before been made public.“He was an illusion-maker for most of the top magicians,” Mc Intosh says of Smith, who died in 2008. But the CIA was counting on Mc Intosh, a seasoned field operative, to turn their idea into a workable espionage tool.The driver then triggered the JIB, putting a lifelike dummy, fedora and all, in his place.

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