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Another good piece of news is that while in action, the officer obtained certain items of value such as jewellery and antiques and is eager to ship them to his sweetheart.He intends to send the valuable parcel in a diplomatic pouch which is not subject to customs declaration and inspection or with a friend, an employee of an international organisation.

Doctor Web urges users to exercise caution when dating online and to never pay for shipping any kinds of gifts or parcels.The Vitebsk system is installed on: The Vitebsk is a series of systems that can be adapted virtually to any type of aircraft, including military transport and civil aviation planes.Such a platform has been developed and all necessary trials aboard some types of aircraft have already been held The system also has its export version called President-S.After successful authorization the woman is displayed a web page showing information about the postal item number, package weight and the recipient's name.But at this point a juicy detail is revealed: the sender did not pay for the parcel to be delivered to the recipient.An electronic warfare system is a major element of the military organization of a state and an integral part of all armed conflicts of the past few years and has proven its efficiency in the Russian air task force’s operation in Syria.

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