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Show you spent time thinking about and writing your profile. Photos that get noticed A recent and honest picture of yourself is probably the most important part of your profile.

Save chats about obscure topics for your first email or a face to face conversation. Stay away from using words that set you in a negative or pessimistic light, like "Lonely" "Desperate", and "Discouraged".

Whether it's your smile, the background you are photographed in, what you are wearing - your photo should show off who you are now.

The best pictures are ones that really look like who you are today - and not what you looked like 10 years ago at your high school graduation.

First things first — greet the person you are sending a message to by their Tickle Matchmaking user name.

This shows them that you know who you are writing to — and adds an immediate personal touch to your message. Tickle Matchmaking profiles reveal a lot about a person.

It's a good idea to avoid mentioning past relationships and exes, or discoursing on being lonely or desperate. Include a photo: Your smile, the background that you're photographed in, what you're wearing, they all paint a picture of what you're truly like.

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