Tips dating commitment phobe about christian dating

But it’s also true that many men would be more willing to share their thoughts if they knew doing so wouldn’t prompt a nuclear explosion.

Now’s your chance: Men, take a moment to add your own “What’s he really thinking? And ladies, tell your fellow readers what else you think might be lurking in the minds of men.

“I need freedom and independence, and I’m afraid you’re going to become my prison warden.” Men fear being trapped, stuck, penned in.

This has to do with the whole commitment-phobia thing—most guys keep one eye on the exit door until they’re sure, absolutely sure, this is the woman they want to settle down with.

A recent study chronicled in USA Today ran with the headline, “Not so afraid to commit after all.” The lead paragraph read, “Men are more likely than women to prefer marriage over lifelong singlehood and in many ways are as interested in serious family relationships as women, according to a new study.” In the survey—which included 12,000 men and women ages 15-44—respondents were asked, “It is better to get married than go through life single?

Lots of women out there are under the impression that if a man is refusing to commit, it means he has severe underlying issues that block his heart from letting love in.

And that woman usually has become skilled at knowing how to hold proper boundaries while letting her man enjoy his independence.

Wise women give their partner ample space, before and after marriage. If a man wants to express his opinion about his partner’s unflattering outfit, her lack of organizational skills, or (gulp) the ten pounds she recently put on, he’s likely to worry about the response he’ll receive.

More personally, most guys didn’t grow up with a father who understood his emotions and knew how to express them.

Wise women know that men have lots of feelings—and allow lots of space to process them and lots of grace in figuring out how to verbalize them.

The point here is to debunk a prevailing cultural myth: not every man is a raving sexaholic.

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