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Leykis: That's an artist’s issue and not my problem.There was one point last year where we were playing three songs in our top 10 A-rotation that had the F word in the title: "F--k You" by Cee-Lo Green, "Tonight I'm F--king You" by Enrique Iglesias and "F--kin' Perfect" by Pink.On the other hand, New Normal Rock, the active rock station we do, it's 128k.THR: You decided not to censor lyrics on Pure Pop Hits. Leykis: It's the other way around: why is it important to censor lyrics?STORY: Radio Giant Clear Channel's Syndication Arm Defends Rush Limbaugh THR: Why is not available on i Tunes?

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We are fully paid up and advocates for the concept of making sure our streams are street legal, which is more than I can say for 99 percent of these people who have streams. We can't put on a station without proper relationships with all the agencies, and we have that.Yet that’s exactly what the shock jock did, opting not to turn to satellite, as did Jim Ladd, recently yanked from KLOS’ lineup, or to podcasting as so many comedians have adopted.Never one to think small, his paycheck being a prime example, Leykis lauched his own online radio network.And it’s all streamable on your phone, no matter what the device.“Why are people spending 0 million to buy a frequency when most people over 40 years old are getting their content on i Phones or listening to their i Pods,” he says in ’s recent story, “How Radio Will Kill the Radio Star.” “You have to find another way to send your curated content out there.” Leykis explains more of his present-day philosophies on the radio business in a bonus Q&A with I was wondering if it was possible to create a full-fledged 24/7 radio station without a transmitter or a satellite dish?Everybody sounds equally good so there's no such thing as bad reception.

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