Updating joined tables


Can we use an update cursor on a joined table in arcpy?I dont have 10 yet (very sad) because of a 3rd party plug-in conflict.This is going to give me some cool stuff to explore. This would be very useful for me in a situation I've been finding myself in frequently.

Anyway, enough talk, let's take a look at this in action.Created By = 'jsmith'FROM Completed Requirement cr INNER JOIN vw Requirement List rl ON cr. The updated table does need to be in the from/inner join clause as does need to have an alias.I am assuming that the from/inner join clause is only there to by-pass a sub-query of "where Completed Requirement.It is also possible to create a "CRUD" like stored procedure by adding a variable in the nodes to flag whether it is an insert, update or delete.If anyone is interested in the XML CRUD stored procedure, let me know and I will see if I can dig it out of one of my past projects.The update is made to the result of that JOIN and then we are selecting all the rows from that updated @boy table (to see that it works). This should make things much easier, especially when dealing with an UPDATE that uses a sub-query. :) @Matt, If you think about applications from a "user experience" standpoint, it's the "that runs faster" moment much more important than any numeric reading?

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