Updating phone loads in 2811

All Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express configuration and language files are located in the memory of the router in the command under telephony service is also required to associate the model of IP phone with the appropriate firmware file(s).

For Cisco Unified Communications Manager, the firmware files are installed on the server(s) in the cluster that run the TFTP service.

I've accidentally cloned a 7940 config when I actually had a 7942 phone and get the "Auth Fail" message because it's trying to pull the wrong firmware.

Look at the release notes for the version you're trying to load.

From what I have read elsewhere I should be able to download new NBAR protocol packs, but can't seem to find them on the Cisco website.

please follow the below path Download Software Downloads Home Products Routers Branch Routers Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers Cisco 2821 Integrated Services Router Software on Chassis Protocol Description Language Module (PDLM) Software-Bit Torent 3.0 To install the Bit Torrent PDLM, one of the Cisco IOS software versions must be in use on your network: • Cisco IOS Release 12.1 • Cisco IOS Release 12.2T • Cisco IOS Release 12.2S • Cisco IOS Release 12.3 • Cisco IOS Release 12.3T Beginning with Cisco IOS Release 12.4T, the Bit Torrent PDLM is “native” to (that is, automatically included with) your Cisco software.

Then the phones reboot and come up on the previous factory firmware load on the device. Most likely this is caused by a phone running on a firmware older than 8.5(2) being upgraded to something newer.

updating phone loads in 2811-34updating phone loads in 2811-5updating phone loads in 2811-70

So, assuming you're using CUCM, you can approach this several ways.There will be a section about requirements to perform an upgrade. Sometimes you'll need to load an intermediate version to get to the latest. Alcatel Idol 3 will receive the update to Android Marshmallow from May.After a series of screenshots appeared during the month of February, all the Alcatel Idol 3 owners can finally begin the countdown to the awaited update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.Certain files are necessary for the proper operation of a Cisco IP phone or analog device so that it can register successfully with a Cisco Unified Communications call control device.

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