Videochat f


Until someone develops a Trillian for video chat, users will require quite a few different solutions, none of which are ideal for everyone.

We haven't even gotten started on professional video calls, which require precise coordination.

For really important calls, this can be a good thing, but let’s face it, those are few and far between. Whether you’ve just rolled out of bed, your office is a mess, or you’re about to tee off on the back nine after calling in sick, there are times when you’d simply rather hide what you’re up to.

In a world of Four Square, Facebook check-ins, geotagged tweets and Instagram photos, sometimes it’s nice forgo social broadcast.

That fish-eye effect is unflattering, and poor lighting and bad angles wreak havoc on our appearance.

Almost as soon as Alexander Graham Bell introduced the telephone, forward-thinking inventors dreamed of adding pictures to the conversation.

Despite early failed attempts to launch a successful videophone market, fantasy has finally become reality with smartphones and online video conferencing. 2011 report from NPD Group, only In order to send both voice and video over the Internet, you need a fairly high-speed connection.

Furthermore, living in a rural area with fewer towers and intermittent signal strength will only degrade the video chat experience more; to the point, it might not even be worth trying.

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