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In her spare time, she and her partner are creating a boutique wine brand and a line of luxury pet accessories.

She believes in every woman's ability to be beautiful. But this is a horrible, new dating trend that we all need to be aware of.

For many women, these cruel jokes are some of the most hurtful and humiliating things that have ever happened to them.

After a man has slept with a woman, built up a fake relationship with her, he wins “extra points” from his buddies for humiliating them by dramatically rejecting them after several months of a fake relationship. It leaves long term emotional scars and can affect a woman’s self-esteem indefinitely.

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Unfortunately, men have been bullying women this way for a long time.

Men have “pretended” to be interested in women for April Fool’s Day jokes and in order to entertain their friends since their school days.

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“Chubby chasing” refers to when a man dates a large sized woman in order to win a bet with his friends.

His true intent is to mock or humiliate the woman because of her size.

Many think this term originated on the show “Big Brother”, when contestant Josie Cunningham wanted to create a dating site called “Pull the Pig”. And the term “fat girl rodeo”(which has similar connotations) has been used since 2013.

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