Warning signs of dating abiuse

If you are uncomfortable with your date's advances, tell him/her.Their response will reveal their true feelings about you.

If your partner is pushing you to get married, take heed." If the answer is yes, this relationship is not for you.If you are starting a relationship, be yourself -- without apology -- from the start.Far too many people marry before they are emotionally ready.Unless people deal with their own personal issues first, any relationships they enter into will be in danger. Warren writes, "In fact, when a couple is not healthy, they will inevitably damage, and maybe even destroy, their marriage." These marriages often end in divorce, causing additional emotional pain for both partners.Here are a few that you probably can't change (and that you probably don't want to live with your entire life): Your boyfriend/girlfriend:a)is critical of your familyb)is critical of your friendsc)yells at youd)blames you for all of relationship problemse)avoids showing emotionsf)won't solve problems with youg)doesn't like your familyh)doesn't like you spending time with your friendsj)wants you to do things that you aren't comfortable with If you have observed one or two of these warning signs, think long and hard about continuing this relationship. Warren suggests that many dating couples, "simply have not walked together through a variety of circumstances and situations necessary to really know someone." He recommends that dating couples should have multiple experiences doing a variety of activities together, both enjoyable and unenjoyable. 5) Learn as much about abuse as you can so you can be better prepared on how to deal with it. Abuse hurts the self-worth of both the victim and the abuser. This can be especially frustrating if that someone is your boyfriend or girlfriend; you cannot read how he/she feels about you.

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