Weather widget not updating

After running a force stop on Touchwiz, my widget once again started responding to input AND updating. To get below: After killing Touch Wiz and then the system firing it back off, the widgets started to work again. After finding that the issue above keeps happening with all weather widgets I placed on home screen, I tried three of the big launcher replacements (Go Launcher, Nova Launcher, and Apex).

weather widget not updating-8weather widget not updating-31

If you haven’t tried it yet, then follow these steps: I can play videos on You Tube, from my gallery, etc. I am also using CM Browser, not sure if that makes a difference or not.How to fix i OS 11 Weather widget not updating temperature? If you only allow Weather app to access your location while using the app, the Weather widget won’t update the temperature unless you open the Weather app.Therefore, to have Weather widget timely update the weather condition in your area, you need to keep location service always on for Weather app.Go to the Apple Store, search for Weather app and install it again.If your i Phone Weather widget still won’t work, you can try resetting all settings on your i Phone.Go to Settings Cellular, scroll down to Weather app and tap it, then choose Wi-Fi & Cellular Data.

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