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It was a surprise," an eyewitness at the restaurant told . I didn't see them kiss or hold hands or anything like that.They ordered some starters and not a lot of food."The duo were first spotted getting to know each other over dinner at Sushi Park in Los Angeles in October.

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The love birds were also seen grabbing dinner with the singer at Yam Sheva restaurant in Herzliya. Thankfully, a source has since gone on the record to confirm the romance between the "Dakota and Chris are definitely dating. I didn't see them kiss or hold hands or anything like that. And while the relationship between the 28-year-old and the 40-year-old seems a little out of nowhere, the twosome appear to be smitten already.

"Chris and Dakota walked in together and sat at a table for two tucked away in the corner. He hummed a little bit and asked her what she thought of a song. They both thanked the chefs on the way out."Earlier in October, the star was linked to Jon Hamm after they were spotted grabbing drinks at the Viceroy Central Park hotel in New York City. Also in October (clearly, a busy month for celebrity dating rumors), after the gossip mill was already abuzz with the possibilities of a Johnson-Martin or Hamm-Johnson courtship, Elon Musk was rumored to have attempted to throw his hat in the ring: A source told that the Space X founder and CEO had traveled all the way to Brazil to pursue Johnson.

They seemed very happy to see each other and immediately jumped into conversation," an eyewitness told . She clearly loves his music and was really into it. "They seemed to really be enjoying each other's company," a source said of the two actors, who were also photographed together at Elton John's 70th birthday party in L. "He's definitely on the prowl and flew down to see Dakota," the insider said.

"I'm thinking about my family and I'm thinking about all this kind of stuff and I'm struggling with it."She adds, "What I'm hoping for is that the world is going to follow along with me.

They seemed very happy to see each other and immediately jumped into conversation.

When someone asks the 65-year-old if she would "like to go out on a date" with Candis, Caitlyn begins to laugh. While some family members are more than supportive, others have a few concerns."Khloé is upset," Caitlyn admits.

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