Who is gene kelly dating

Later, Adam humorously daydreams that he is performing Gershwin's Concerto in F for Piano and Orchestra for a gala audience in a concert hall.

As the scene progresses, Adam is also revealed to be the conductor, other members of the orchestra, and even an enthusiastic audience member applauding himself at the end.

They go to a crowded bar, and Milo offers to sponsor an art show for Jerry as a friendly gesture.

Some of Milo's friends arrive, and while sitting with them, Jerry sees Lise seated with friends at the next table, and is instantly smitten.

He quickly finds out that the "party" is actually a one-on-one date, and tells Milo he has no interest in being a paid escort.

When he attempts to leave after giving her money back, she insists that she is only interested in his art.

After singing with French children on the way home ("I Got Rhythm"), Jerry goes up to Milo's apartment.

Henri and Jerry discuss the woman they each love ("'S Wonderful"), unaware she is the same woman.

That night, Jerry and Lise reunite in the same place on the banks of the Seine close to Notre Dame.

Milo gets Jerry an art studio and tells him she has planned an exhibition of his work in three months.

He initially refuses the studio because he does not have the money for it, but eventually accepts it under the condition that he pay Milo back when his art proceeds allow him.

Jerry joins them later, before going out to sell his art.

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