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In early 2007, she appeared as Annabelle in Genie in the House, and also played Maxine Brogan in Doctors.

Tointon is best known for her appearance on the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks.

“I am a secret eavesdropper,” confides the actress.

“Actually, ‘eavesdropper’ isn’t quite the right word.

We were all told, before we started rehearsals, that we weren’t to watch the film version, and I stuck by that – but now I really want to get at it, and to see how they tackled it for the big screen.”The younger sister of Kara, who is currently part of the company at the Royal National in what is turning out to be an illustrious season, Hannah recently turned 30 and is planning for her wedding this year.

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En 2015 se unió al elenco de la serie Mr Selfridge, donde interpreta a Violette Selfridge hasta ahora.​ De 2003 a 2006, interpretó a Tamsin en la serie Kerching! El 30 de abril de 2007, se unió al elenco principal de la exitosa serie británica East Enders, donde interpretó a Katy Fox hasta el 10 de abril de 2008.​ En 2008 interpretó a Emma Lewis en la serie Doctors; anteriormente había aparecido en 2007 durante el episodio "Heart of the Matter", donde dio vida a Maxine Brogan.En 2010 interpretó a Tara en la tercera temporada de la serie The Inbetweeners.​ hasta la cancelación de la serie ese mismo año.In July 2012, she played a character called Frog in an episode of the E4 series The Midnight Beast, where she was Dru's girlfriend. Also in 2012, she played the role of Kiki Delaine in The Hour.Hannah Tointon laughs and admits that she has a bit of a guilty secret.‘Forced listener’ is more accurate because I don’t deliberately go out to do it, but I am a complete people watcher.

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