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The griddle pan does get a bonus point for being enamelled all over - and for an extra carrying handle.

Basic stuff at a basic price - you're certainly not getting any extras.

The species is persecuted for its role as livestock killers and as rabies vectors.

However, population control efforts appear largely ineffective and probably only succeed in producing a temporary reduction in local numbers. This species has a disjunct distribution range, and is found in two separate populations, one in East Africa and the Horn, and the other in southern Africa.

She wants me to send money to buy one via her money transfer account.

Le Creuset ironware has long been the ultimate kitchen accessory. The base of the casserole dish was uneven so 'hot spots' of oil collected in pools at high temperatures, making food cook unevenly.

Lakeland have thought about what a cook really needs. Casserole dish 8/10 Griddle pan 10/10 - The casserole was almost too heavy to pick up, even without food in it, and I found the base quite uneven, so heat distribution wasn't great.

I'm not sure I'd buy the casserole dish, but the griddle is a perfectly adequate addition to your kitchen cupboard.

Casserole dish 6/10 Griddle pan 7/10 The deep red colour is stylish, and it's made from good quality materials, but little details spoilt the pot and made it a nightmare to use.

The quality of the enamelling is OK, but, design wise, the casserole is not that much different to some of the cheaper options and the griddle pan is a case of style over substance. Casserole dish 5/10 Griddle pan 4/10 The ingredients for my bean cassoulet browned quickly and evenly in the dish, and it retained the heat really well. They're both made very well, just like the Le Creuset pots, and cook fantastically.

The casserole handles are brilliant - wide, easy-to-hold and integrated - and the griddle has the benefit of an additional carry handle.

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