Wild and crazy dating

While the ending itself is a lot like I predicted it, there's a big plot twist that presents itself in the climax that I really didn't see coming. Each character is real, and flawed, screwed up and deals with his or her problems in a very grounded and grown-up way.

It revolves around Cal (Carell), a man who has been married to Emily (Moore) for 25 years, and is rocked by the revelation that she wants a divorce, after sleeping with a co-worker (Kevin Bacon).

See more ยป Let me start off my review of this film by saying that I hate Steve Carrell.

Watching him on "The Office" for all those years was painful, because his character, and it seemed his acting style was unbelievably stupid and bland.

While Julianne Moore is always great, her character and Carrell's character mesh in a way that makes you believe that their marriage lasted 20 years.

Emma Stone is on fire right now, doing a great role in "The Help", she shines just as much here, if not more.

We met at a fun open air mall with many nice looking restaurants. So I guess when he led me to a brew pub I was a bit let down.

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Things get more challenging when Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with problems of her own.Meanwhile, Cal's floppy-haired thirteen-year-old son Robbie has a crush on his older babysitter, who has a little crush of her own.Also, Jacob meets Hannah (Emma Stone), a young lawyer who has heard every pickup line, and therefore, has a quite jaded outlook on love. I actually liked him in this role, because I felt that he wasn't Michael Scott, or that guy from "Get Smart", or "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", but an average guy whose life didn't turn out as he had hoped. He more than keeps up with the rest of the film's stellar cast. I've mostly seen him in depressing dramatic roles ("Blue Valentine", "The Notebook"), while here, he proves himself to be a cunning comedian.Kevin Bacon also made me laugh, as Emily's co- worker, who was her post-divorce rebound.While these two have brief roles, they are very funny and make the most of what they are given.I was excited and did the whole girlie hair nails outfit thing .

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