Wyclef jean dating history


Gunshot, glass–either way, on the eve of an important election for Haiti, the event was inconsequential at best. Below, a brief history of Wyclef’s casual relationship to the truth.

It was also, however, the latest in a long string of attention-grabbing mis- and half-truths to emerge from Jean’s camp. Exhibit A: Some will recall the time Jean’s Haiti relief organization, Yele Haiti, was uncovered as, well, not a Haiti relief organization.

The millennials, it’s sort of like when you do music, they find you the same way I found Dylan and Santana. Young Thug is definitely one of the kids that I think is pretty incredible, also I work with Zoey Dollaz, Kodak Black.

The beautiful thing is it’s the kids that reach out and then the respect is mutual.

This weekend, the Internet was abuzz with reports from Wyclef Jean and his people that the ex-Fugee and former Haitian presidential candidate had been shot in the hand while campaigning for fellow performer Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly in Port-Au-Prince. “I heard blow, blow, blow, and I just looked at my hand,” he said. “We met with the doctor who saw him and he confirmed Wyclef was cut by glass,” reported police chief Vanel Lacroix.

According to Jean, the bullet grazed his hand after he stepped out of his car to make a phone call.

It’s the kids that gotta be like, “Yo, y’all need to check this out” the same way I was like “Yo, y’all need to check that out.” Carlos always told me we live in a space that’s ageless, we don’t have a time set.We’re getting ready for the next mixtape, which is called “Wyclef Jean Goes to School.” We’re going to like 25 dorms throughout America and this is how I’m creating my whole mixtape.We’re going to be pulling different talent from the universities, which is raw.His fans include rapper Young Thug, who’s performed on songs with him and named his single “Wyclef Jean,” and DJ Khaled, who sampled Santana’s Jean-produced “Maria Maria” for the Rihanna-featuring hit “Wild Thoughts.”In an interview, Wyclef Jean talked working with Santana, Bob Dylan and Young Thug. Last year you put out “Carnival III,” 10 years after the second and 20 years after the first.What did you hope to accomplish with this one in the context of the others?Even sitting back, watching the Grammys and seeing that it’s my record that DJ Khaled sampled to use again for Rihanna and then the record being a hit — even not being there, my DNA is still there.

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